Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nissan knocks $6,400 off Leaf sticker price, sells S model for $28,800

Nissan announces price for US Leaf, drops the sticker by $6,400

That lower-cost Nissan Leaf we heard about? It just got a sticker price. Savvy car buyers will be able to kick off their haggling at $28,800, the Leaf S' MSRP. Don't expect the price war to last long though -- dealers will waste no time leveraging relevant tax credits, which in California, can dip the car's price as low as $18,800. The price reduction hits the entire line, too -- pricing the Leaf SV and SL at $31,820 and $34,840, respectfully. Nissan attributes the savings to local construction, dodging foreign currency fluctuations by building the vehicles in its existing Tennessee facilities. The move puts the Leaf a little closer to competing with its gas-guzzling cousins, and goes a long way to placate EV buyers put off by the car's 2012 price hike. Still too pricy? Don't worry -- Nissan promises that you can still lease it, too. Read on for the official press release.

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