Friday, March 1, 2013

Simple Web guides to be written in Spanish with supporting Edited ...

Project Description:

Can you translate from english to spanish? Can you take written content and edit it to make it better? Can you deliver in an HTML format? Are you able to use photoshop somewhat professionally? I want to hire you!

I am looking for some guides to be made. I have the basis of them written in english, but need your help to translate, enhance them, add images (screenshot of website interface with labels, arrow directs, or highlights), and then deliver them in HTML format that can be added to my website. The CSS design of the website is already complete.

An example guide would be, "How to Register on in Spanish" or "How to check out and pay on in Spanish". (Except these titles in spanish). I have about 10 of them written in English to begin, and more to come.

These guides would need to be well formated with the directional written content and helpful images, being directed at a spanish speaking (Latin American) user who can be assumed to not understand english.

Requirements: Able to make guide images with photoshop or equivalent level of quality (not MSPaint), able to write in spanish, able to deliver in HTML format.

Skills required:
HTML, Photo Editing, Photoshop, Spanish, Technical Writing


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