Thursday, February 21, 2013

Google's next task for Glass? Making it look like something you want to wear

Google's next task for Glass Making it look like something you want to wear

Google's Glass augmented reality project opened itself to a few thousand more potential wearers with the #ifihadglass promotion, but according to the New York Times it's already addressing the question of if people want Glass. One major obstacle to introducing such a new type of product is making it look good, and the paper reports Google is negotiating with online glasses seller Warby Parker to help design better looking frames, citing unnamed sources. Of course, we ran to the counter, $1,500 in hand to get a taste of the future of wearable computing -- and take first person pics of that group skydiving we're always doing -- but we can imagine any efforts to take Glass mass market will need some refashioning first.

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Source: New York Times


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